Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
Please keep checking back as we update information on the Shepherds, and have more Shepherds coming into our care.

Please be patient when applying to adopt with a rescue dog - from applying to meeting a potential dog will take 10+ working days.

Please be made aware a home-check will take min. 30mins - 1hour.

Adoption information and application to adopt form

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Adoption information and application to adopt form Empty Adoption information and application to adopt form

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:26 am

We thoroughly home-check and vett all potential new homes, please respect the reasons why we ask the questions we do, we want to rehome to suitable homes only.

Is this Rescue breed specific? Please explain either way:
Yes German Shepherd/GSD cross

Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable?
We have a max. 3 month policy; the new owner will have the dog neutered/spayed if not already done by the rescue, unless there are medical reasons not for it to go ahead.

Do you always home check?
Thoroughly homecheck

If applicable do you always vaccinate?:
Yes if possible or the Rescue policy is to have the dog vaccinated within 1 month of new ownership

If applicable do you always worm/flea treat:
When in foster home they will wormed/de-flead

If applicable do you microchip?:
Yes if facility is available, some fosterers will have m/c facility

Do you provide insurance when re-homing to new owners?:
Our re-homing policy insists the dog to be insured and evidence will be submitted to the rescue within 1 month of ownership

Will you always take the animal back no matter what? If not please explain under what circumstances etc:
Yes the rescue will take back the dog if we have an available foster home, or the dog will be placed in suitable vetted kennels
* If returning the dog due to the dog savaging a human-being the dog will be put to sleep

Minimum Donation/Adopting Fees:
For the new forever home:
dogs 18months or younger £150

18months or older £100 per dog.
If you are interested in taking 2 dogs who can be rehomed together, a discount will be given.


you agree to the following:

You accept the terms of our adoption policy (below).
You will be required to inoculate your new German Shepherd when due(or within 1 month of ownership).
You are required to have your new German Shepherd neutered within 3 months of taking ownership (if not already done).
You are required to take out suitable Pet Insurance on your new German Shepherd.
A Rescue volunteer will contact and visit you within 1 month after you have adopted your new German Shepherd.

We are available to help and assist you with any problems you may encounter with your new German Shepherd. An information pack will be sent to you when you take in your new dog which will cover most common problems; first aid, introducing your dog to other animals, new people etc.

We will not rehome a German Shepherd with unsuitable people, nor with people who have not had sufficient experience with the breed. If you are a German Shepherd novice we would suggest adopting an older, quieter German Shepherd.

If your circumstances change, and you are no longer able to look after your German Shepherd, please contact the Rescue and we will arrange to re-home your German Shepherd.

If you register your German Shepherd to be tattooed or micro-chipped, please let Cefni German Shepherd Rescue know your ID numbers for our records, so that in the event of the dog going missing we can register them as lost more quickly for you.

We have a no-kill policy and we do ask all adopters to abide by this rule. Exclusions to this are if the dog is terminally ill and in continuous pain or the dog has attacked and severely injured a human being.

If we are informed you are not looking after your Cefni adopted German Shepherd we have the right to remove the dog if we think the dogs welfare is at risk.

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