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Quistel guidelines

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Quistel guidelines Empty Quistel guidelines

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:30 am

Grooming and Bathing your Puppy / Dog


There are many puppies and dogs that suffer needlessly from skin and coat and/or fur conditions which cause both your dog and you, its proud and devoted owner distress.

Such issues are often breed related with some such as Westies, SharPei, Bulldogs, some breeds of Spaniel and even Huskies being particularly prone to skin ailments.

However, regular bathing of your dog using grooming products which are made specifically for dogs (and not for people) will often help to relieve these conditions.

Quistel’s Shampoos, Conditioners and Spray Lotions are specially formulated for your dog’s specific needs.

How often you use Quistel is dependent on the type, breed and activities of your pet.

Always bathe your dog properly whenever it has engaged in strenuous outdoor activity and even more especially when it has been exposed to grime, dirt, bugs and/or debris.

Otherwise most dogs don't need to bathe more than every four weeks. Bathing too frequently without a specific reason may dry out the skin and coat.

Handy Tips on Bathing:

Always wear old clothes.
Remember to brush out the mats and hair knots from the coat BEFORE bathing.
Dilute your Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Shampoo with up to 10 equal measures of water and have towels (and everything else you need) handy before you begin.
Have your dog stand on a rubber (shower) mat in the tub or sink so he'll feel secure.
Always be careful to try not to get water in the ears.
Wet the dog well from the neck to the tail, saving the head, face, and ears for later.
Begin by shampooing the hind legs then do the tail and the rear end (paying a little extra attention to that area!) then shampoo the body, chest, and front legs and finally carefully wet and shampoo the head, face, and ears. Remember that Quistel, being organic, produces few suds.
Then rinse the shampoo from the head, face, and ears then the body and legs followed by the underside of the dog. To reach that area, have him stand on his hind legs by lifting his front paws and then keep rinsing thoroughly until you no longer feel shampoo anywhere on the dog and the water runs clear.
Unless you are planning on a long term relationship with your plumber be careful not to let fur go down the drain.
Do get your dog used to being brushed and properly bathed from an early age.
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