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Please keep checking back as we update information on the Shepherds, and have more Shepherds coming into our care.

Please be patient when applying to adopt with a rescue dog - from applying to meeting a potential dog will take 10+ working days.

Please be made aware a home-check will take min. 30mins - 1hour.

Responsible Dog ownership

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Responsible Dog ownership Empty Responsible Dog ownership

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:25 am

The control of dogs order 1992 requires any dog in a public place must wear a collar ID tag with the name and address or contact number of the owner to be engraved/written on it.

It is highly recommended to micro-chip or tattoo your dog and register it with the recognised company usually PET LOG, this is the largest reunification scheme in the UK, this can prove extremely effective in locating a lost pet.
The Petlog premium service can even alert local vets and dog owners when an owner reports when and where their pet was lost. This can be done by telephone or sms, or via the Petlog website. However, it is vital to the effectiveness of this service that owners keep their records upto date, informing Petlog of any change in the circumstances.

You can teach an old dog new tricks (so to speak), when you do need to consider the type of dog you own and the task that you are trying to teach it. It is always best to break exercises down into small peices, so that the message is clear and your dog can learn with confidence.

Dogs do not come into the world with the fountain of all knowledge, they need to be trained.

A trained dog is a happy dog!

Keep your dog under control at all times.

Train your dog to use the kerb correctly.

Always clean up after your dog.

Keep your dog close when walking it on the lead.

Respect the Countryside code.

Give your dog the correct amount of exercise and play it needs.

Feed your dog a balanced, nutritious diet with adequate checks and ensure your dog is adequately vaccinated.

Take out pet insurance to cover any unforeseen injuries or illnesses.

Groom your dog regular.

Please neuter your dog (both sexes) this is to avoid unwanted litters and illnesses unneutered dogs have later in life.

Respect the views of others, never let your dog become a nuisance to others.
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