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Quistel Organic Shampoo

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Quistel Organic Shampoo Empty Quistel Organic Shampoo

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:06 am

Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapies

Quistel’s Organic Grooming Therapies provide professional performance enhancing treatments for skin, coat, hair, fur and mane.

The Quistel Organic Grooming Therapy range produces visibly radiant results from its naturally superior shampoos, conditioners and topical spray lotions.
The range also contains Quistel’s unique organic concentrate specifically developed to promote resistance to most common skin and coat ailments.

The main active ingredient in the Grooming Therapy range is Arnica Montana whose presence on the skin expands the tiny blood vessels near the surface which stimulates natural rejuvenation.
In addition, being organically anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, Quistel Grooming Therapies produce naturally vibrant, lustrous and flake free results.
The range is particularly effective on those that suffer from or have an inbred tendency to develop skin and coat problems.

The Ingredients

All the products in Quistel's Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range are made from a unique blend of centrifugally extracted essences of 18 organically grown herbs. The whole range is specifically formulated for pets (you should never use human grooming products or, worse still, household detergents on your pet!).

The main pro-active ingredient of the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range is organically grown Arnica Montana.

Arnica Montana has been used for centuries to treat external bruising, sprains and general skin disorders in humans.

Now humans are routinely prescribed Arnica Montana for internal use to reduce the swelling and bruising associated with minor and, in particular, major plastic surgery.

It is no wonder, then, that more and more Veterinarians and other Pet Professionals recommend regular use of the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy products.

You may like to note that the pro-active nature of Arnica Montana may cause a temporary reddening of the skin. This is entirely beneficial.

The other major ingredients of the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range are:

Allium Sativum - garlic extract (containing Vitamin E and natural sulphur)
Daucus Carota - carrot extract (containing pro-Vitamin A)
Linum Usitatissimum - linseed oil (contains essential minerals)
Magnesium Chloride - natural disinfectant
Bellis Perennis - daisy extract, a natural disinfectant
Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate and Lauryl Glucoside - natural detergents and organic foaming agents
Anthemis Nobilis - chamomile extract, a natural disinfectant, soothes and calms
Viola Tricolor - pansy extract, a natural disinfectant (contains minerals)
Niacin - niacinamide (vitamin B3)
Aqua - water
Quistel's Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapies should be used routinely to promote a healthy skin and coat which Quistel achieves through organic disinfection and pro-active stimulation of the naturally rejuvenating resources of the skin.

The Benefits

All the products in the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range:

maintain and enhance the inherent integrity of the coat and skin to meet the exacting standards of Champions
organically disinfect
leave the coat naturally gleaming and clean - the skin naturally soothed and calm.
In addition the Quistel Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, free from artificial foaming agents (so produces few 'suds'), synthetic preservatives, dyes and perfumes.

Always remember that should symptons persist you should consult your Veterinary Practitioner.

Products in the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range include:

Organic Bio-restoring Shampoo

Quistel's Organic Bio-restoring Shampoo has been specifically formulated for your pet's sensitive skin.

The Shampoo's unique properties ensures that your pet's skin and coat is lustrously clean and healthy and smells just wonderful too.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 & 5 litre sizes for regularl use. A 50ml Trial size is also available.

Instructions for Use

For normal use dilute this Shampoo 1:10 with water.
Wet coat with warm water, apply the shampoo and massage into the coat and onto the skin until it foams lightly (remember that natural products do not form large suds).
Leave the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Shampoo for a minimum of 5 minutes. If the coat or skin condition is sub-standard then leave for up to 15 minutes to work its magic!
Always Rinse thoroughly.
to go directly and buy Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Shampoo.

In between your full Quistel Shampooing and Conditioning, use the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Spray Lotion topically.

Quistel Organic Shampoo Quisteldog-shampoo


Available in 50ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 & 5 litre sizes for regular use

50ml - Price: £2.25

250ml - Price: £9.50

500ml - Price: £15.50

1 Litre - Price: £25.95

5 Litres - Price: £87.50

If you wish to order please contact us
Tel 0789 488 1484 OR admin@cefni-german-shepherd-rescue.co.uk
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