Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
Please keep checking back as we update information on the Shepherds, and have more Shepherds coming into our care.

Please be patient when applying to adopt with a rescue dog - from applying to meeting a potential dog will take 10+ working days.

Please be made aware a home-check will take min. 30mins - 1hour.

6 pointers to be considered when rescuing a dog

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6 pointers to be considered when rescuing a dog Empty 6 pointers to be considered when rescuing a dog

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:09 am

You should be confident to be able to socialise your new Rescue dog - this will include Adults, children and other animals.
We would suggest not over-whelming too much too soon, and do alittle every day. Attending local dog walks is an excellent way with knowledgable dog lovers which will help in any way they can with socialising your new addition *information for local dog walks available*

Educate and teach good manners
Dogs of all ages need to learn and know their boundaries just as children do. Teach them gently, but firmly what is acceptable and what is not.

Use positive, effective training
Reward based training is always the most effective. Begin this process as soon as your new dog has settled into the household.
Use positive methods for all education, from housetraining through to when being called.
Prevent bad behaviour or distract and show them what you want them to do instead.
Do not expect too much too soon - dogs need time to learn what we expect of them.

Teach your dog to be left alone
Pack animals like to be with others and our pet dogs needs to be taught to tolerate being alone at times. Begin with short sessions and build upto longer absenses gradually if need be.

Help your dog find its place in the pack
All dogs need to learn their place in the human pack. Strong-willed dogs need to learn they cannot have their own way all the time and what you want must come first.

Dont be affraid to ask
If you are experiencing difficulties, ask your Rescue contact for advice. Many problems can be sorted out with some patience and the right methods, before they develop into much bigger problems.
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